Click to enlargeWhen factory SpaRk isnt enough!

The MSD Stacker Ignition connects to your vehicle’s wiring without disconnecting anything! Actually, the factory ignition remains in place and the Stacker delivers a powerful CD spark to improve the initial ionization of the plug gap to improve combustion in the cylinder. The two spark profiles work together to give you a great boost in ignition power in an economical ignition control. The majority of stock ignition systems are inductive designs. This style is inexpensive to produce and is adequate for OEM vehicles. Inductive systems generally have fair spark intensity, but fall short when it comes to high rpm operation and high voltage for performance engines. The MSD Stacker Ignition produces a high powered CD spark on top of the factory inductive spark so essentially, you receive the benefits of both spark profiles! The Stacker Ignitions simply “piggyback” your factory ignition wiring

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