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Set of 4

Aprox 1.2" drop front
and .75" rear
Motorsport Whse EXCLUSIVE Lowering Springs
Custom made now here in the USA to our Specs
Rates are 200 lb fronts and 170 rear
We tried heavier rates and lost ride quality, so we take all the guess work out of it for you
If you want a firmer ride, we suggest some KONI strut inserts that are also adjustable for firmness
This can further dial in the ride and handling to your own preference
Dont be fooled by other inferior springs on the market that cost more and drop less or ride bad

Of course drop will vary from car to car depending on where your car is currently sitting
Handling Improved dramatically
No Longer powdercoated to save you $
Wound with the best materials available for a No Sag future
Hardly changes ride quaility too.
Fit correclty in stock strut housings
We've had these on our own car for over 3 yrs and love them, ask our customers too!

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