Click to enlargePerformance Rotors

Come Std with Zinc plated
Slotted & drilled
chamfered holes unlike our competitors
The holes mainly help with allowing gas build-up between pads and rotors to escape and improve braking by keep the pads more in contact with your rotors.
The slots help keep the rotor clean of dust too.

Improves cooling and less chance of rotor warpage. Looks great too thru some custom rims!

Drilled OR slotted Only - Add $10 for the pair

Black and Gold Finishes available too.

We suggest having your new rotors turned out of the box BEFORE installation to make sure they are all true. IF UPS drops your pkg even once, it can slightly warp them. Even new rotors can sometimes need to be turned for best results.
Rotors are non returnable
If you just need 1 single unit for some reason email us

Regular price: $160.00Sale price: $130.00Pair: 
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